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 The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)

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Mark Allan Poe
King des Zombies!

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MessageSujet: The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)   Sam 10 Déc - 22:58

Après avoir opéré en tant que réalisateur sur Wrong Turn 2 : Dead End, et plutôt cette année sur un des segments de Chillerama, Joe Lynch revient une nouvelle fois à l'horreur avec The Knights of Badassdom, un conte médiéval dans un univers des plus disjonctés. En vedette de cette comédie médiévale horrifique, on retrouve Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, Red Hill), Steve Zahn (A Perfect Getaway, Night Train, Joy Ride) et Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), tout ce beau monde se retrouveront dans le trouble dans cette petite histoire, c'est moi qui vous le dit !

Synosis : Joe (Ryan Kwanten) est entrainé par son ami Hung (Steve Zahn) dans un jeu de rôle grandeur nature. Malheureusement, les joueurs vont devoir devenir les héros qu'ils prétendent être lorsque l'un d'entre eux invoque un démon par accident.

Trailer :

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Dr. Freudstein
Définitivement Mort

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MessageSujet: Re: The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)   Lun 4 Mar - 16:58

Citation :

The film that will be screened for buyers on Tuesday, March 5th 2013 at AMC Century City titled Knights of BADASSDOM is not the REAL Knights of BADASSDOM. The last known cut of the REAL Knights of BADASSDOM was seen in July 2011, just before many of you saw Joe Lynch and key members of the cast of the film take the stage at Comic-Con to promote their picture and Joe Lynch's vision. If you haven't seen the Comic-Con panel, you can view it here.

Since that time, the film has been taken hostage by one man, the IndieVest and MediaSociety CEO. You can read about him in the following links:

Ripoff Report (posted by another member of the IndieVest family)
FINRA Department of Enforcement v. Wade H. Bradley FINRA BrokerCheck (you'll have to search for his name)
The following is a open letter that was sent to what remains of the Board of Directors of IndieVest, the production company and manager of the film known as Knights of BADASSDOM. No response has been received.

Dear IndieVest Board of Directors:

As an investor in IndieVest, there are several disconcerting events that have transpired at said company in the course of producing the film Knights of Badassdom (hereinafter referred to as “KoB”) that cannot be overlooked by IndieVest stakeholders and must be addressed by the IndieVest Board of Directors as part of your fiduciary obligation; i.e. duty of care and duty of loyalty. In short, IndieVest CEO Wade Bradley has gone rogue and taken over the KoB project in a way that serves his own interests while destroying any value in the company for all other IndieVest stakeholders. I know that you are all aware of Mr. Bradley’s actions and deceptions, but in the interest of making sure that we are all working with the same information I will outline the events as I understand them to have occurred after an illuminating trip to Los Angeles.

June 2009
An email was sent to IndieVest members announcing the inclusion of KoB in the Premiere Portfolio. The investment package included an offering memorandum calling for a capital raise by selling $50,000 units of “membership interest” in the property. A minimum of 111 units were to be sold ($5,550,000) prior to releasing the funds to IndiVest Pictures for production of the picture, and IndieVest Securities was to defer its commission on the first $5,557,500 raised. The company gave itself until June 2010 to complete the raise including the allowed extension.

July 2010
An email was sent to IndieVest members announcing the beginning of production on KoB. Upon arriving in Spokane, WA to begin shooting, the production team was told that they would have less than $5,000,000 with which to complete the film despite the $5,550,000 minimum raise. From the moment principal photography started, all decisions (i.e. spending, script changes, etc.) regarding the KoB production had to get final approval from Mr. Bradley.

July 2011
A 90+ minute Director’s Cut of KoB was complete, and early screenings of the Director’s Cut for close friends and family resulted in very positive reviews.
The KoB trailer was presented at Comic-Con. When IndieVest overlooked the opportunity to market KoB at this obvious gathering of the movie’s target audience, Mark Burton was able to pull some strings and secure the highly sought-after Hall H on the afternoon of Saturday, July 23rd (no small feat given the late decision to go to Comic-Con) in which to premier the trailer and host a panel of participants in the film. The event was a huge success by all accounts. The audience was highly engaged in the discussion, it was a media-darling for the press, and social networks went berserk. The event was covered more widely than Andrew Garfield’s appearance at the Spiderman movie announcement, and IndieVest received solicitations to enter discussions from a number of potential partners/distributors, including industry giants like LionsGate and Dimension Films (part of the Weinstein Company).

Late Summer 2011
Mr. Bradley forcibly removed Mark Burton (president of IndieVest Pictures and producer of KoB) and Matt Wall (writer for KoB) from IndieVest citing cost overruns on the picture as the reason for their departure despite having personally approved all expenses related to KoB.

Fall 2011
Mr. Bradley set about editing KoB independently and in violation of his contract with director Joe Lynch per the Directors Guild of America Creative Rights Handbook. The most recent edit is roughly 70 minutes long and includes significant changes to the original story and concept.

Late Spring 2012
Having exhausted the financial resources of IndieVest, Wade Bradley and Jeremy Kopp, both FINRA registered investment professionals, form a new commercial entity, Media Society, with an identical purpose of business plan as IndieVest. Certain preferred IndieVest investors are given notice of a plan to move the valuable assets of IndieVest (i.e. the intellectual property of KoB) to the new entity without regard to the treatment as outlined in the KoB Private Placement Memorandum and requiring those invited investors to buy into the newly formed Media Society in order to maintain their own interest in KoB.

September 2012
The website for Media Society goes live at outlining an opportunity to invest alongside other high-net-worth individuals and financial professionals to produce films with FilmVest Studios, an identical opportunity to was given to us by IndieVest and IndieVest Pictures.
Media Society marketing information begins to arrive in the mail to former IndieVest investors using the same photography and wording that was previously used in IndieVest marketing materials.

December 2012
Mr. Bradley began screening Knights of Badassdom to private audiences in various cities across the country as part of a promotion for Media Society.
Mr. Bradley also solicited members of IndieVest for an additional $150,000 to be used to complete Knights of Badassdom... 18 months after his fundraising deadline.

January 2013
Members of the IndieVest and KoB families outlined a detailed plan to take possession of Knights of Badassdom, give it back to Joe Lynch for completion, and release the film that audiences have awaited for 3 years. At least one member of the board knows the details of this plan; however, after speaking to Mr. Bradley that member has declined to take action.

February 2013
Having recently bankrupted one production company (IndieVest), Mr. Bradley used the funds raised for his new, identical, almost the same production company (Media Society) to throw a lavish Oscar party at Gordon Ramsay's The London West Hollywood. The party features a five-course dinner and open bar on the tented rooftop terrace, and even some of the co-hosts are so confused by Mr. Bradley's actions over the past year that they tweet about the "IndieVest Oscar Party."

Mr. Bradley scheduled a sales screening for his version of the film for March 25th, 2013, but--sensing growing pressure to return the film to Joe Lynch for completion--subsequently moved the screening to March 5th.

In short, Mr. Bradley has been acting in a self-serving manner rather than taking the investment management responsibilities expected of someone in his position and as the general partner of all funds related to IndieVest, Saint John of Las Vegas, and Knights of Badassdom. He has fleeced the members of the IndieVest family by stealing the very asset that he was charged to produce, and attempting to force investors to pay more money into the new entity in order to maintain their original interest in the a new company. He has violated his obligations to the production team on KoB in order to create a version of the film of his own design rather than according to the vision originally conceived by the creative team, and he has done these things shamelessly and without regard to the investors committed to IndieVest and to Knights of Badassdom.

IndieVest has many options for completing Knights of Badassdom in a prudent way that allows it to continue to act with the fiduciary responsibility it owes its investors, and it can do so without yielding to Mr. Bradley’s bullying and certainly without giving him access to additional monies that he is sure to squander. I propose that the board take the following actions immediately:

Remove Wade Bradley and Jeremy Kopp from their roles and responsibilities at IndieVest.
Reach out to the professionals who were forced out of their roles and bring them back to see KoB through to completion.
Create a letter explaining all recent events that have occurred at IndieVest to let investors know the current status of the company.
Outline a plan to get the company back on track to innovate in the industry as was promised in the beginning.
I would be happy to discuss the specifics of these grievances and the details of the plan to get production and distribution of Knights of Badassdom back on track. I would also encourage the board to invite director Joe Lynch to take part in that discussion in order to confirm his commitment to completing the project that he began.


IndieVest Stakeholder

OK, I'm one person. I know that makes me suspect. So I'll include this excerpt of an email that I received from a KoB stakeholder:

You're absolutely correct about Wade & co. wanting to shutter IndieVest after the screening, assuming they get a buyer - they've said as much to me. Lay low, squash rumors, keep Media Society rolling and pretend IndieVest never happened. Wade was nonplussed that Jeremy had previously revealed to me the date and amount ($17,500) that they were spending on the room for the screening, but he couldn't do anything about it. What was your impression of the Media Society road shows? Wade told me they had much better target-demographic mailing list for those than they did for IndieVest, and had little difficulty getting their four-film bundle fully (!) funded. When I asked "How many of the Media Society investors are aware of IndieVest?" he stammered a bit and said "I don't know."
Please note that this message comes from an investor in KoB, not IndieVest. Seems that Mr. Bradley is more revealing of his plans for the old company to those who don't have a stake in it. The date and screening this investor refers to is the March 25th screening, now March 5th. The movie that Mr. Bradley cares so much about that he's rushing to put it behind him in order to shutter IndieVest? Knights of BADASSDOM!

Thanks for all your hard work, Wade!

Oh, and to whoever purchases the Bradley version of Knights of BADASSDOM on Tuesday... I'm happy to let you use this domain name for marketing purposes just as soon as I confirm that you're giving the film back to Joe Lynch to complete. You can contact me at realbadassdom [at] gmail [dot] com.
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Mark Allan Poe
King des Zombies!

Masculin Nombre de messages : 8242
Age : 25
Localisation : Québec - St-Dominique
Date d'inscription : 06/05/2008

MessageSujet: Re: The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)   Sam 11 Jan - 16:45

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MessageSujet: Re: The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)   

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The Knights of Badassdom (2012, Joe Lynch)
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