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 ma collection de dvd

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Nombre de messages : 21
Age : 40
Localisation : montreal
Date d'inscription : 06/05/2012

ma collection de dvd Empty
MessageSujet: ma collection de dvd   ma collection de dvd EmptyJeu 24 Mai - 5:24

voici ma collection de dvd

the Amazing transparent man
the Amityville horror
the Amityville horror remake
Anatomy of a Psycho
les autres
atom age vampire
burial ground
blood of draculas castle
blood mania
Blood sabbath
Bloody Pit of horror
brain twister
bloody vampire
bad taste
the beyond
the broken
the bloody brood
the devils hand
the decent
drive in massacre
driller killer
dont look in the basement
la chronique des morts
children of the living dead
cauchemar au lac de leden
count dracula and his vampire bride
crypt of the living dead
crucible of horror
curse of bigfoot
the crazy rekame
dressed to kill
dawn of the dead
daen of the dead remake
death proof
dark water
the devil bat
death in the shadow
death warmed up
the devils nightmare
the devils possesed
d.r jekill and the werewolf
dont answer the phone
double exposure
the exorcist
the dongeon of harrow
the eye
the Eerie midnight horror show
the embalmer
the evil dead
evil brain from the outer space
friday the 13th
friday the 13h part 3D
friday the 13h the final chapter
friday the 13th part v a new beginning
friday the 13th part VIII jason takes manhattan
fang of the living dead
frankenstein 80
flesh eater
the fog
grave of the vampire
green eyes
guru the mad monk
halloween le remake
halloween 2
halloween 2 le remake
halloween 5
halloween the curse of michel myers
halloween resurrection
the hitcher
hands of steel
horror of the zombies
house of the dead
the last house on the left
horror rises from the tomb
the house by the cemetery
the house tha screamed
it happened at nightmare in
les inconus
keeo my grave open
king of the zombies
manos the hands of fate
the madmen of mandoras
la meute
the manster
mirrors 2
midnight movie
mort de peur 2
my bloody valentine 3D
my name is bruce
massacre a la tronconeuse
massacre a la tronconeuse le commencement
the messengers
my moms a werewolf
mama dracula
mother of tears
nightmare on elm street
nightmare on elm street remake
nightmare on elm street 2
nightmare on elm street 3
nightmare on elm street 4
nightmare on elm street 5
nightmare on elm street 6
nightmare on elm street 7
night of the living dead
night of the living dead remake 3D
nigthmare in wax
the night evelyn came out of her grave
nigth of the demons
nigth train to terror
nigth fright
nigth of bloody horror
nigth of the blood beast
oasis of the zombies
the omen remake
the oval portrait
prime evil
pet sematery
piranha remake
the pyx
planet terror
point of terror
the return
resident evil
reseident evil apocalypse
resident evil extinction
resident evil degeneration
the return of the living dead
le retour des mort vivants nécropole
silent hill
the sadist
the skeleton key
sortie fatale
sortie fatale 3
survival of the dead
scream bloody murder
satans slave
scared to death
shaun et les zombie
teenage zombies
the tenant
the tell-tale heart
trailer park of terror
terror creature from the grave
trip whit the teacher
terror in the jungle
la terre des mort
they saved hitler brain
the thirsty dead
undead alive
the undertaker and his pals
the vampire bat
voodoo black exorcist
le vol des morts-vivants
vision des tenebre
the vampires night orgy
the werewolf of washington
the werewolf vs vampire women
werewolf in a girls dormitary
white zombie
28 weeks later
zombie holocaust
the zombie diaries
zombie diaries2
zombie striper
the outer limite saison 1
the outer limite saison 2
the outer limite saison 3
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ma collection de dvd
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